Watch the Ringke Galaxy Note 8 Cases Through Youtube!

Still can't decide what kind of phone case you want for Galaxy Note 8? Well, there are many Youtubers who already reviewed Ringke cases, and hope this videos help you with choosing cases by showing a real live cases instead of images. The first video shows Galaxy Note 8 cases preview (without the phone) with... Continue Reading →


iPhone X Pre-Order / iPhone X Protection Covers

Although Apple announced three new iPhones this year, the reactions are not that great for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Because of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus specs and outlooks are pretty much similar to previous iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, lot of people are holding out for iPhone X, mainly because... Continue Reading →

Ringke Case Recommendation / Galaxy Note 8 Case / Screen Protector for Note 8

  Galaxy Note 8, Enjoy it Lightly Ringke "AIR" case is incredibly thin that allows you to use the Note 8 as a slim feel as it is original. Although "Air" case seems vulnerable due to lightweight, it offers full body protection from dust and surface scratches. The Ringke Air case holds the Note 8 smoothly... Continue Reading →

LG V30 Public Disclosure/ IFA News / V30 Case

LG V30 / source: LG Mobile Youtube LG Electronics' flagship smartphone V30 has been released. The sophisticated V30 with edge display not only gives beautiful attraction, but it also features premium technology. Specifically, V30 has F1.6 camera of glass lens with powerful audio performance that stand out as a solid base for premium smartphones, and V30... Continue Reading →

Perfect Ringke Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Ringke came up with new designs & collections for Samsung Galaxy Note 8. If you are going to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 8, why not look for the Ringke cases? In addition to providing a perfect fit for Galaxy Note 8 through careful design, the safety has been significantly enhanced to protect Galaxy Note... Continue Reading →

OnePlus 5 Design Review / Case Recommendation for OnePlus 5

Economical Smartphone OnePlus 5 OnePlus 5 is being sold at a relatively low price even with the best spec snapdragon 835 and being loved by consumers in overseas. OnePlus 5 is armed with a large 5.5-inch screen and powerful camera capabilities, OnePlus 5 attracts the attention of users who are looking for affordable yet powerful... Continue Reading →

Essential Items for Summer Trip! Ringke Pouch! / Vacation Preparation

You have worked HARD… Get ready to leave and enjoy your summer vacation! Full-scale summer vacation season is approaching and many people are planning on fun trips this year. When people spend a good time in their vacation, they often make mistakes forgetting their precious things, such as battery charging, earphone and etc. Why not... Continue Reading →

Convenient Mobile Life – Ringke Slot Card Holder Adhesive Card Sleeve

Slim and easy to hold! Ringke Slot In recent years, there are few cards that are essential for everyday life, and a lot of workers who walk the streets with smartphones. Even though smartphone provides convenience tools for us and wallet gives us safety, a lot of people complain about inconvenience of smartphone and wallet... Continue Reading →

Ringke Flip Instead of Thick Wallet! / Card Storage / Flip Card Holder Case

The weather is getting hotter and it's getting more and more annoying to carry both wallet and smartphone, especially when you need only 2 things, credit card and a driver license. Ringke Flip Card Holder is here to solve that problem! Meet the Ringke Flip! Slim card wallet for easy pasting! Ringke Flip is a... Continue Reading →

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