Perfect Ringke Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Ringke came up with new designs & collections for Samsung Galaxy Note 8. If you are going to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 8, why not look for the Ringke cases? In addition to providing a perfect fit for Galaxy Note 8 through careful design, the safety has been significantly enhanced to protect Galaxy Note... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Drop Test Video, Note 8 Rendering, etc

Today, August 23rd, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been finally revealed in New York City. First of all, regardless of the rumors of variation, Galaxy Note 8 launches 4 different colors, which includes Midnight Black, Deepsea Blue, Orchild Gray and Maple Gold.   Samsung homepage   Galaxy Note 8 has an infinity display, which... Continue Reading →

Ringke Mobile News – iPhone 8 Production Disruption and etc.

1. Galaxy Note FE is Expected to be Sold Out   Galaxy Note FE + Ringke Air Case   The Galaxy Note FE has been released with a lot of worries and anticipation, and is soon to be sold out. Galaxy Note FE has been loved by consumers since its released in South Korea on... Continue Reading →

Ringke Mobile News – Galaxy Note 8 Spec Leaks Out / ASUS Zenfone 4, etc

1. Galaxy Note 8 Design, Specification Leaks Out   Galaxy Note 8 leaked image / source: Evan Blass Twitter   The design and specifications of Galaxy Note 8, which is scheduled to be released in New York on Aug. 23, have been leaked. Here is the rendering of Galaxy Note 8 that is leaked from... Continue Reading →

Ringke Mobile News for August Covered by Ringke

1. LG Eletronics Launches "Q6" LG Q6 / Source : LG Mobile Global Youtube The release date of LG's smartphone Q6 have been announced. The release date is 2nd day of August, and Q6's stock is set at 419,100 won in South Korea. Q6 is a premium smartphone equipped with LG's full-vision display, and it... Continue Reading →

Ringke 10 Mobile News – New Google Pixel 2017, Samsung 8GB HBM2 D RAM, etc

1. Google, Pixel XL 2017 Outflow Design Pixel XL 2017 / source : The design of Google Pixel XL 2017 has been leaked. The Pixel 2017 produced by LG is equipped with a display that is very similar to the G6, and it looks more refined and modern in harmony with the two-tone back... Continue Reading →

Ringke Mobile News / Galaxy Note FE

1. Release of Samsung Galaxy Note FE Samsung Galaxy Note FE / Source: Samsung Electronic Home Page Galaxy Note FE was launched in South Korea on July 7th. The factory price is 699,600 won, which is slightly higher, but FE is well appreciated by differentiating it from the existing Note 7, especially with Samsung's artificial... Continue Reading →

Ringke Mobile News for July

1. New Color for Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus “ Rose Pink” Galaxy S8 Plus Rose Pink /   Samsung Electronics has released Galaxy S8 Plus Rose Pink color in Taiwan. The antique and elegant pink color of Galaxy S8 is expected to be loved by both men and women. However, there are some... Continue Reading →

Ringke Mobile News

Apple Store opens in Taiwan   Finally, the Apple Store opens in Taipei 101 tower in Taiwan. According to Apple, an art event will be held on the opening day of July 1st with a huge paper tree as a mediator. Taipei 101 is known as the tallest financial building in Taipei, Taiwan, and... Continue Reading →

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